How to invite/Add New staff?

You can easily add new user/employee into MySyarikat. The form is elaborate with all possible information you might need to add a new employee.
Before adding new user/employee, you need to set the Department first in the System Setting. Please click HERE to know how to setup department.

To start adding new employee, please follow these steps:

  1. Click Employee tab from main Menu.
  2. Click Add New User button located at the top-left view.
  3. Enter employee details and all mandatory fields.
    Username : Enter employee username. Username must be unique. Username cannot contains any symbols, space and numbers. Please note that username is unique, thus it is not editable.
    Password : Enter employee One Time Password (OTP). You are advise to enter simple password as this password will appear in employee email.
    User Role : Select user role for each user/employee. We already set five (5) user roles by default. Click here to learn more about user roles.
    Name : Enter employee name.
    Department : Select employee department.
    Company : Select company.
    Contact information : Enter user/employee contact information.
  4. Click Save and a welcome email will be sent automatically to the new employee.
  5. Done!