Set up Payroll

Sit back and wait for your payday is a great day for everyone. We at MySyarikat take the responsibility to cut all the tedious monthly process and turn in into something easier and fast.All payroll calculations for EPF/SOCSO/LHDN/EIS are automatically calculated.To start process payroll, you have to set the Master Table first.Master TableMaster table is where you can set all the employee salary, deduction and addition. This is just for ONE TIME SETUP only.To setup employee salary table, please follow this step :

  1. Click at Payroll Menu > Master Table menu tab.
  2. Select the employee name to update details.
  3. Scroll down and click Update button.
  4. Activate toggle for ‘Include in Payroll’ if you want enable payroll for specific employee.
  5. Activate ‘Deduction SOCSO’ to enable SOCSO calculation.
  6. Enter basic salary and all calculation will generated automatically.
  7. Enter value for extra deduction and addition (if any).
  8. Click Save.

If your staff salary increase on the next year, please update the basic salary on the Payroll Master Table