What should i do after completed my payroll?

After your supervisor has approved payroll, please follow the steps below in order to make automated payment to you employees.

Step 1 : Generate automated documentsThe following document needed to be generated before you can start make salary payment to your employees.

Payroll Report
The payroll report contains the summary salaries of each employees. This report shows the payroll items with a subtotal for net pay, plus all the company payroll taxes are shown by an employee.

Bank File
To make bulk payment using online banking service, most of bank require a Bank Files or Bank Bulk Payment files. Good news! MySyarikat provide it for you!MySyarikat provides you with Bank Files which you can use to make payment to your employees. For time being, we support Maybank.

Step 2 : Make salary payment
To make payment, you can use one of these method below :

  1. Cash
  2. Cheque
  3. Online Bank in/Transactions

If you wish to pay salary using Online Bank in/Transactions, please CLICK HERE for the guide.

Step 3 : Send employee payslip
Once you have made the salary payment, you can simply send payslip to all you employees via one click. Follow the steps below :

  1. Go to Payroll Menu
  2. Click Tab Payroll Task
  3. Click ‘Close and send payslip to everyone’

Each employees will get notification for the payslip generated via email and top bar notification. Employees need to log in to view their payslip due to security reason.