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The MySyarikat system, accessible to both parties, employers and employees, is very concerned about UI and UX, which will make its users feel at ease. 

If we look back at previous writings that reveal the advantages and importance of the MySyarikat system to a company, all your questions and problems will be answered!

The functions and features available in the MySyarikat system help ease the organization of data management, including the salary calculation system, holiday calculation, and so on. 

In short, all matters related to human resources can be accessed with just one click if you use the MySyarikat system.

So easy, right?

Access MySyarikat System On Mobile Devices

This is the question of many users!

If you want to know, the MySyarikat system is very user-friendly because the UI on this system can be accessed easily through mobile applications.

For example, users who are registered as “employees”, can only access and mark their attendance through the MySyarikat mobile application. They cannot access this attendance feature if they browse the MySyarikat portal on a laptop. With just one click, their attendance can be recorded.

The functions and features of this system make it easier for employees because they can mark their attendance wherever they are. You know, sometimes early in the morning there are “nature calls” during times while we are in front of the computer and we don’t have time to check in on time.

But, where can you get this MySyarikat application?

The MySyarikat application can be downloaded through Google Play Store, Apple Store, and Huawei’s AppGallery. You just need to press the search button and click Install on the MySyarikat application. 

Easy, right?

Hurry to grab this golden opportunity. It’s easy for your company’s HR to check attendance records and other matters related to human resources in the MySyarikat system.

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